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ELENA SHOROKHOVA-GAYUN is a popular Moscow artist.


I'm glad to inform everyone that i was invited to Agora gallery in NY!

From 23 of July to 13 of August i am taking part in exhibition ( Premium representation ). 530 West 25th street New York, NY 10001.

Link to the exhibition and exposition of my paintings :

I invite you to the exhibition

Sincerely yours, Elena


She was born in the city of Krasnoturinsk, Sverdlovsk region ( near Yekaterinburg ).

She kept the surname Shorokhova, because it is a heritage of three generations of artists.

Her grandfather, who owned his own business (fireplaces with art- tiles, ovens) was born in the village Shorokhovo of Tyumen region, where his house remains to present day.

Her father, a professional artist, worked in the art - industrial Artel in the Urals.

In her father ' s studio Elena studied mastery of arts and crafts, drawing and painting.

She has been living in Moscow since 12 years old.

She graduated from a sport school of Olympic Reserve.

Graduated from Institute of Civil Engineering (Department of Urban Development). Her diploma theme "House for wedding".

Member of the International federation of Artists of Russia.

Member of the International Arts Fund. ( Moscow association of artist)

Elena has exposed her works since 1989:

Old Arbat, Vernissage. Private Galleries: "New Age", "Petrovcky Vernissage," "Helena", "Ideal Home," "TomART".

Since 2006, she participates in exhibitions with the gallery "7 Nails " ( "7 Hits") :

Modern Art Fair "Art Manege," (

IV Exibition Fair graphic works "Hudgraf" (New Manege), (new

Festival "Moscow-City of the World,"

Exhibition Fair "Best Art Galleries of Moscow" (Prechistenka st.).

Elena Shorokhova-Gayuns name can be found in the catalogues. ..

Personal exhibitions:

2001 Cultural Center of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation "Dialogue with the canvas."

2007 "Art-Salon" Central House of Artists.

2008 International Arts Fund "In Memory of the Valiant Past ... "


TV channel "Culture" Solo exhibition - "Dialogue with the anvas"

TV channel "Capital" - the program "Gorozhanka."

2001: Participant of an art project "From the history of the Ministry of Railways" (events of 1865-2001 years), portraits of ministers of the Ministry of Railways ( Russian Railways).

In 2001 Elena was invited to show her works in the private gallery "Saint Elmo Gallery" the U.S.A. Bethesda ( state of Maryland ).

Has in her ownership an art-studio in Moscow.

In 2007 - Creative trip to London for 21 days!!! 150 photos!!!

2004-2009 - Moscow International Art Salon "Art-Salon" Central House of Artists.

2009 - "Gallery on Solyanka" exhibition avant-garde artists "Geysers of Subconscious-3". (

Since 2010-2012 - owns a dog's Kennel (named "Art Eva K") .

Continues her favourite work: brings up dogs and prepares materials for future art-exhibitions.

Elena's paintings have a unique style. Decorative surfaces of her works are made in quite a rare technique.

Paintings are multi-faceted,-they have deep meaning, fire-bright-colors, transparency of mica, reflection, glare of the Sun.

The art-Tile of XV-XIX centuries- is the very basis of Elenas works.

They are abundant in birds, fish, fantastic , mythological and grotesque creatures, in elements of heraldry, semi-antique paintings , ornamental compositions.

One can see traits of Op-art, Art-deco, Symbolism in her creative work. Art- photos.

Her works of modern interior are very bright, attractive and full of power.

The size of her paintings range from 15 X 20 inches to 3 X 4 meters.

Elena draws paintings, (also to order), decorates interiors, and does wall painting. Among the buyers of her pictures are: cafes, restaurants, image-studios, spa-saloons, kindergardens, gymnasiums, art studios, villas, hotels, television companies, furniture showrooms like Trio-Interior, (Pyatnitskaya 39 ); Mebelend,-Italian furniture showroom ( Akademika Petrovskogo, 4;) Business-center,( Bolshaya ordynka, 40;) offices, e.g., real estate company "Capital Group" (; elite real estate agency "Soho Estate" (

Elenas works can be found in private Russian and foreign collections (USA, Norway, UK, Austria, China, Poland, Japan, Germany, Spain, South Korea, Australia).

Paintings of Elena are part of art collections of such popular persons as:

Tatiana Drubich - the well-known actress of cinema and theatre (The State Academic Maly Theatre );

Vladimir Urazhevsky (President Union of Cynological Organizations of Russia ( International Kennel Union )(;

Alexander Friedman - (Business man ),

Igor Butman - (a famous musician -Saxofonist ) ,

Valery Syutkin, Philip Kirkorov, Vladimir Presnyakov , Dima Bilan - popular singers and showmen.

Elena also works as an animal painter.

Dogs and cats are always present in her life. Of Pets that Elenas portraits draws are incredibly alive!

A stylized portrait of modern dogs, whether it's outdoors, near the house in the country, at the Dog Show, with elements of the heraldry of the country, where this dog was born,-in one word- story of breed!

Elena paints portraits of pets to order.

In 2010 year she becomes the owner of Kennel in six dogs,-small,- but very beloved !

She selects the breed : of Jack Russel Terrier-a breed with rich history,

German Miniature Spitz a graceful breed!

Beaver Yorkshire Terrier,-a fountain of Emotions !

Elena draws sketches of dogs, paintings. She also makes photos of them at home, outside or in a studio.

Elena takes part in dog shows. Her dogs have titles, there are even Interchampions.

Many happy owners of her paintings keep them with love.

A remarkable fact: two portraits of English and Irish setters, painted by Elena, are in a harmony with an authentic Shishkin painting hanging on the wall.

About Elenas paintings:

This admirable work was presented to me by people, who know that the animal issue is very important for me. When I took off the elegant wrapping, I felt the divine smell of paint and there was no end my happiness: I looked at the beautiful eyes of my favourite dog. A noble face of Martin with hairs and wet nose was so vivid and real that I could almost feel his breathing. He was a splendid as in real life!

But moreover my dear dog, in honor of whom the picture is titled King of kings, is here, among his other shaggy friends. Some of them are still alive and some already passed away.

In the composition of this picture even a white-coat seal has found its place. We are fighting to save him together with Laima Vaikule, Artemiy Troitskiy, Andrey Makarevich, Konstantin Sabinin, Irina Novozhilova, Elena Kamburova Alexander Sklyar, Konstant Raikin and with other good people.

I am happy that now in my house I have a picturesque embodiment of creatures to whom I feel respect and tenderness, and that these vulnerable neighbors of humanity attract attention of such talented artists as Elena Shorokhova-Gayun."

Editor in chief of "cultural campaign" Alfira Arslanova ( )

Elena remembers the Past, lives in the Present and dreams of the Future .

Double-headed eagles, coats of arms, ornamental compositions - this is from childhood - perhaps from the books .

For a little girl came in a dream

A unicorn a symbol of a just ruler and spiritual purity.

A bird of Paradise, the Syrin, shows itself only to happy people.

A lion - a symbol of power, strength, courage, bravery and generosity,- As her father taught

In Memory of the Valiant Past...

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